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Find the best-quality custom cardboard boxes for your products.

Custom Corrugated boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Ideal for products shipping because they’re made to flexible corrugated papers.
Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, also known as custom gift boxes, are perfect for high-end or luxury products.

Custom Printed Boxes Products

Browse through our most popular custom printed boxes to select the best possible box style that will look awesome on your products. The Custom Pack is well known for making the best quality custom packaging boxes.

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Best quality Custom

Custom Kraft Boxes are considered to be the most users friendly as well as eco-friendly boxes among the numerous packaging items. Kraft Boxes Show that your brand cares about going green and reducing waste by using our services to design an eco-friendly custom packaging solution!
Custom Kraft Boxes with Logo
Custom Packaging Boxes

No Die & Plate Charges

Get carefully crafted and exquisite custom prints without any additional costs for tooling.

Custom Size & Shapes

choose your own dimensions, size, shape, layout, style, color, artwork and graphics.

Fast Turnaround Time

Expect a speedy turnaround by our reliable delivery service on your custom orders

Free Design Support

Get free design for your packaging products. We will create you free design of your requirements.

Free Shipping

We will provide you free shipping for all custom packaging orders. Let place an order now.

Quality Offset Printing

Advanced offset-spring guarantees lasting quality for all your commercial printing needs.

Custom Corrugated Boxes with Logo

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TheCustomBoxes offers a wide variety of custom cardboard shipping boxes and cartons. Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paper or cardboard, and are stronger than regular cardboard boxes.
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The Custom Pack

We, TheCustomPack are here to provide you an effective and essential solution for your packaging needs related to any sort of business.
For the past couple of years, companies are paying special attention to packaging as end customers pay attention to every detail; therefore, packaging is an important factor. However, the need of the hour is to produce the best solution, which serves both; profit for the manufacturer as well as meets the satisfaction standards put forth by the client (YOU).
TheCustomPack aims to be different yet relevant  while providing packaging solutions to all niche industries. For example, we make custom boxes for the cosmetic industry and since cosmetics are sensitive products, we cater all the important requirements relative to the cosmetic industry like drop-testing. The need of custom packaging is to make use of the opportunity to rebrand and make your own design. If the standard does not work for you, select your own packaging with latest drifts and uniqueness. If you want to improve the appearance of your product and achieve greater sales revenue, you need to have custom cosmetic boxes.

Custom Boxes with Logo

We know how buying from one and printing from another can be quite a hassle. One of our services includes the custom boxes with logo of your choice. A plethora of logo types can be printed on the boxes of your order. At custom printed boxes, we have a range of packaging to choice from. Paper as well as different types of cardboard packaging and others are available. Packaging for various occasions and festivities (formal and informal) can also be provided.

 We have got a number of custom boxes with logo in store for you. Our custom boxes with logo is made continuous cardboard that does not tear away. The cardboard is sturdy and does not give in under duress. The custom boxes are not just your conventional boxes. These boxes incorporate a number innovative designs to make your box look even more appealing. A number of mock ups are also available to give you an idea of how your box would look like. Customized mock ups are also prepared upon request for the bulk orders to facilitate the customers as much as possible.

Its unique yet resilient design allows you to store a range of contents in it.  These boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs. For bulk orders, if you have specific needs for the content to be incorporated in, let us know and we’ll make sure that you have just what you need. 

These custom boxes with logo are perfect for formal as well as informal events to distribute the souvenirs in. The boxes are light in weight and very handy at the same time. Even for shipping products over a long distance, these small Cardboard boxes provide an efficient means to store the products in. The boxes are ideal for retailers to display and pack their products in. 

Our boxes are extensively used for branding purposes. Company’s logo and slogans can be incorporated on the boxes. Any design provided can be used as the cover of these boxes. We offer free consultation on customized designs. These boxes are handy, feasible, appealing and light on the pocket at the same time. All of our boxes are of high quality regardless of the size of the order. Hit us with your designs and dimensions and book your order right away. 

Custom Printed Boxes

We provide sturdy Custom printed boxes that have a plethora of uses. From packing products of various types to delivering food items, our custom printed boxes always come handy. These boxes can be used as shipment boxes as well. They can be folded when not in use. These boxes do not even require much space to be stored. The boxes are offered in matte as well as glossy lamination.

The boxes look very aesthetic visually and are spacious as well. The storage capacity of these boxes gives them an edge over other slim boxes. The boxes are made up of solid cardboard aligned in multiple layers to provide strength to the box and keep its contents safe. This makes them durable as well as reliable. Hence, are frequently used for shipping a multitude of products. 

Our expertise lie in the quality of the custom printed boxes that we prepare. We welcome our customers to guide us what design they would like to see their product in. understanding the variable demands of customers from different niches, multiple dimension and size options can also be found. Embossing, debossing, laminations, and many other add-on options can also be availed.

You can choose the dimensions for your boxes as per your need. Customized designs and colors are also entertained. Since the custom printed  boxes can be found at almost every retail shop as well as home,


Custom Boxes

Custom box industry has immensely emphasized on constantly reducing weight of their products that allows companies to stay in budget when shipping products worldwide. Companies need to ensure the safe delivery of products by spending on the strength and durability. New developments in technology has produced environmently friendly packaging and continues to improvise in some way.

TheCustomPack initiated the designing, production and printing of customized packaging in 2016. It does ensure the satisfaction of industrial and customer needs, by prioritizing the consistency of quality packaging and economical price range. The contemporary Design and Production Technologies grants extraordinary quality and environmental friendly packaging products, giving the company an edge.


Brilliantly Crafted Custom Boxes with Printed Logo at Wholesale Rate

Thoughtful branding is important for a brand, especially when it comes to boxes. They’re the physical representation of your brand, so they have to look just as good as your product. When you’re creating your product, you need to think about what it’s going to look like and what its qualities are. You need to make sure that you have a branding strategy in place and that everything is consistent with the brand.

Expertise in Innovative Customized Packaging with Printed Logo

Customized packaging is about bringing your brand to life. Maybe you want to give your clients an experience that’s personal, unique and memorable. Or maybe you want to increase brand awareness by showing off your logo in a fun and creative way. Whatever it is, custom packaging can help you create the perfect package for your brand.

Get your Custom Boxes at Wholesale

If you’re trying to make a living selling products online and you need to put your brand out there, then you want to make sure that your products are easy to ship and that they look good. Investing in custom boxes is a great way to do this. Start by creating boxes that you know are going to sell well. You can use the boxes that come with the product, or if you have some extra time, go ahead and create your own.

Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo

Some people want to save money on expensive packaging. If you’re in the same position, why not save the cost of a box. You can purchase boxes at wholesale prices and customize them to fit your needs. Printing your logo on boxes is a great way to promote your brand. If you’re printing your logo at a low rate, then you have opportunity to get the right people involved.

Best and Convenient Way To Buy Custom Printed Boxes

If you’re looking for the best way to buy custom printed boxes, look no further. We’re an online custom box printing company that offers a variety of wholesale options when it comes to custom boxes. We also have access to a wide array of branded boxes in stock at all times. To order online, simply visit our account page and start customizing your boxes with our easy-to-use design software. Pick the perfect box size and fabric, fill out your address.

A box is a very useful thing to have. Boxes are used for all kinds of things like shipping products, storing papers, and packing and moving things. A box can be made from many different materials, and it can be used for a variety of different purposes. The most important thing about a box is that it’s a well designed product that gets the job done. You don’t want to use a box that’s not designed.

Why you Need Cheap Custom Boxes for your Products?

There are tons of reasons why you should use custom boxes. The first one is that you can’t send your products without them. If you are sending a hundred of something, then you need to put 100 boxes in the package. They’re also useful to protect your product, and they make it easier to export. You can also use custom boxes to showcase your brand.

We Also Offer Custom Printed Boxes With Your Logo 

We work with clients to turn their vision into a box that they can use in their homes or businesses. We make sure the boxes we produce are unique and stylish, and we really take the time to understand what our clients want.

We help companies with their marketing and promotional materials by creating custom printed promotional boxes. These are great for giving away at trade shows, conferences, special events, and other marketing targeted events where they need to give something out to their customers.

Boxes are important for mailing, storing and moving items. A box can also be used for marketing, to help customers see your logo. We offer boxes with your logo at wholesale rates, so you can get the cheapest custom printed boxes that you need.

Create Custom Boxes — Wholesale Packaging Boxes with Logo 

When you’re putting together a marketing strategy, you need to be creative and think outside the box. The best way to do this is to talk to people and ask what they are looking for. That’s because there’s no single marketing strategy that works for everyone. You need to think outside of the box and come up with something that works for your business.

When you’re creating custom boxes, make sure you’re creating products that are useful for your brand. Think about what’s important to your customers and make sure your box will satisfy their needs. It’s important to create custom boxes if you want the boxes to be useful for the people who buy your products.

Why The Custom Pack is Rated as Best Custom Printing & Packaging Company in USA

Custom printing is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest methods of mass production. The only difference is that today we’re making it easier to do. You can get custom boxes that are tailored directly to your needs and made from the best materials like recycled paper and recycled cardboard. There are some advantages that you don’t get with traditional printing techniques.

Custom boxes are one of the most valuable marketing tools that you can use to promote your business. They’re an essential ingredient to any marketing campaign or product launch. Before you can sell your products, you need to know how to package them, which is why it’s important to hire a company that can create custom boxes that meet your specific needs.

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