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All in one spot, order branded boxes and customized, premium custom printed packaging that your consumers will adore.
Cardboard Boxes

For your products, find the highest-quality custom cardboard boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

Because they are composed of flexible corrugated paper, they are perfect for product delivery.

Custom Pack Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Custom gift boxes, commonly referred to as rigid boxes, are ideal for high-end luxury goods.

Kraft Boxes

Find the best personalized Kraft boxes that are eco-friendly for your products.

Custom Printed Boxes Products

Browse through our most popular custom printed boxes to select the best possible box style that will look awesome on your products. The Custom Pack is well known for making the best quality custom packaging boxes.

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Best quality Custom
Custom Kraft Boxes are considered to be the most users friendly as well as eco-friendly boxes among the numerous packaging items. Kraft Boxes Show that your brand cares about going green and reducing waste by using our services to design an eco-friendly custom packaging solution!
Custom Pack
No die & plate

No Die & Plate Charges

Get carefully crafted and exquisite custom prints without any additional costs for tooling.

custom size & shape

Custom Size & Shapes

choose your own dimensions, size, shape, layout, style, color, artwork and graphics.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround Time

Expect a speedy turnaround by our reliable delivery service on your custom orders

free design support

Free Design Support

Get free design for your packaging products. We will create you free design of your requirements.

free shipping

Free Shipping

We will provide you free shipping for all custom packaging orders. Let place an order now.

High quality

Quality Offset Printing

Advanced offset-spring guarantees lasting quality for all your commercial printing needs.


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The Custom Pack is one stop shop in Houston, TX, offers a wide variety of custom cardboard shipping boxes and cartons. Corrugated boxes are made from corrugated paper or cardboard, and are stronger than regular cardboard boxes.

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The Custom Pack: Custom Boxes Manufacturer in Houston, TX | Box Packaging in USA

The Custom Pack in Houston, TX, is a custom packaging and box manufacturer specializing in custom printing. In today’s modern age, Each store or producer has a product packaging requirement to improve brand recognition. The custom pack is ideal for many brands to create packaging at a reasonable price.

Custom Pack Offers Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo in Houston, TX

There are many options to apply logo on custom packaging. A custom printed box have a range of packaging style to pick from. We provide a wide range of custom moving boxes in various colors, shapes, and custom dimensions to meet all your needs. Our team of experienced designers can also help you create the perfect branded packaging with digital proof that suits your brand and product. With our prepress team, we can also deliver bulk order in high-quality printing at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for minimum order quantity or mass production orders, Custom Pack is a leading custom boxes manufacturer in Houston, TX to fulfill your brand image.

Comparing the Best Box Manufacturers in Houston,TX

Are you looking for the best box manufacturers in Houston, TX? With so many options, you may wonder which suits your needs best. The Custom Pack is a leading manufacturer of custom boxes in Houston, TX. We offer a wide range of products, including shipping supplies, custom printed packaging, and more.

Benefits of Buy Local Box Suppliers

Shopping with local box suppliers has many benefits like quick customer service. You know you’ll be getting quality boxes at competitive prices, and you can receive expert advice on the best type of box for your particular needs. Additionally, with a local supplier like custom pack in houston, you can get faster delivery times. This is great if you need boxes immediately or have an urgent project.

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