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Candle Boxes

Utilize our exquisite and remarkable candle packaging to inspire one’s ingenuity when selling scented candles. Enjoy looking through our best selection of boxes for candles with inserts and more. Use our gallery of candle packaging ideas to get ideas for your personalized candle packaging that will make the experience of your customers better. Boxes of every shape and size are available from us. Our candle cases are made to perfectly fit your items. The strong cardboard used to make these boxes is of high quality, and you can choose from fun coatings like soft matte and high gloss to give your boxes a perfect finish. Find out how much your personalized candle box will cost today. We offer free door delivery, low minimums, and the fastest turnaround time.

Protect Your Candles with Durable Candle Packaging Boxes

Candles add ambiance and beauty to homes and daily lives alike. Their variety of sizes, colors, and fragrances allows them to suit every event or taste. Yet they require more care when handling or storing. That is why it is crucial to use a bespoke candle box to keep your candles safe. Look into our Personalized Retail Packaging Boxes.

Custom candle boxes can be designed to accommodate the shape and size of your product perfectly. It helps to ensure that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Utilizing custom-made boxes is one way to protect them during shipping from getting scratched, dented, or broken. You may also make these from strong materials like thick cardboard or corrugated cardboard to provide additional layers of protection against sudden hits or shakes during transport.

Increase the Perceived Value Of Your Candles with Custom Candle Packaging

Candle packaging will add greater perceived value to your products. The Custom Pack provides custom designs for candle packing that make candles appear even more valuable. Custom gift boxes also give candles an unforgettable gift experience by showing off your business and giving customers an experience they will remember. You can choose colors, fonts, pictures, and materials at Custom Pack. It is used for crafting gift boxes for the ultimate experience for customers browsing shelves or online listings.

Luxury packaging options available to you include the candle box with window, pyramid box, two-piece box, and display box. Each purchase helps people remember your brand.

Personalize Your Candle Unboxing Experience

Custom cases for candles make opening packages even more thrilling. Nothing beats taking the delight of unwrapping candles from their box and experiencing that first fragrance when opening them for the first time. Custom designed boxes can add another special element.

custom candle package adds an individualistic and professional feel to any company. It’s setting them apart from generic boxes in terms of personality and style. The Custom Pack allows for custom-made small, large white, or matte black boxes. It will make an amazing first impression and keep customers coming back time after time.

Printing on Custom Candle Boxes

If you want to create Custom Printed Candle Packaging that stands out, using innovative printing methods is key to creating eye-catching packaging that stands out from the crowd. Here are four such methods of printing for custom candle cases:

Offset printing: is a traditional method that creates crisp images with full detail. Ideal for gradients, complex graphics, and vibrant hues. Offset’s consistent and accurate color reproduction results in striking candle box custom designs that stand out.

Digital Printing: Digital printing can be used for small runs as well as custom drawings.  It offers quick turnaround times and variable data printing that allows you to add different designs or writing to each box to make each one truly individual.

Premium Add-ons to Make Your Candle Box Packaging More Appealing

Adding high-quality extras to your candle box packaging can enhance how it looks and give customers a memorable unboxing experience. Here are some appealing choices:

Foil Stamping:

For foil printing, a colored or metallic foil is used to give some parts of the candle box design a shiny, metallic look. It makes your brand stand out by giving your candle cases a touch of luxury and grace.

Embossing and Debossing:                   

These techniques involve raising designs (embossing) or lowering them (debossing) onto the candle box’s surface to add texture. They make the packaging more interesting to touch, which improves the entire experience for customers.

UV Coating:

When you use UV treatment, a high-gloss finish is added to certain parts of the design of the candle boxes. Not only does this method add shine and depth, but it also keeps the color from fading and scratching.

Stop UV:

Like UV coating, spot UV only affects certain parts of the design, making matte areas and areas that are shiny stand out. You can use this method to draw attention to writing, logos, or patterns.


Laminate your custom boxes for candles to extend their longevity and improve their aesthetic appeal. Different lamination options, such as glossy, matte, or soft-touch surfaces, provide different physical experiences while protecting from wear and tear.

Why Should You Pick the Custom Pack for Custom Packaging Needs?

Picking out the right candle packaging is an important part of advertising and selling your goods. The Custom Pack is a business that makes custom candle gift boxes so that their customers are happy. There are many good reasons to pick Custom Pack for your custom packaging. They offer flexible choices, sturdy materials, and reasonable prices.

Additionally, Custom Pack gives you many ways to make your candle cases unique. Your package can be fully tailored to the style and needs of your brand, from the size, shape, design, and printing of its contents. Our team of experts can also assist in selecting a box suitable for your goods and market.

Get in Touch for Business-Wide Candle Packaging!

Looking for candle packing that is both good quality and cheap? The Custom Pack is the only place you need to be. Our customization options can be used to meet the specific needs of your business. We’re your packing success partner because we deliver on time and offer eco-friendly options. Call us right now and place your order to get bulk packaging that makes your business stand out and saves you money.