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Corrugated boxes

Corrugated Boxes

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Discover New Packaging Options with Corrugated Boxes


Welcome to our wide selection of Corrugated Boxes, where innovation meets practicality in packing. People appreciate boxes made of corrugated material because they are strong yet flexible – ideal for the environment. Check out our carefully curated selection and discover how cardboard boxes can meet all your packaging needs while being more eco-friendly than other solutions.

Corrugated Boxes


At Custom Pack, our promise is the highest style and quality materials. Corrugated boxes made by hand are often chosen because of their strength and longevity. People use these boxes to extend their lives and protect heavy items with corrugated containers. We offer many sizes and types to meet this promise.

The Custom Pack has everything you need for shipping or selling goods in your store. These boxes are all affordable, from various shapes, sizes, textures, and prices. Since our goal has always been to find ways to create great boxes in terms of shape, size, and texture, as long-established experts in our field, we guarantee great value for your investment.

Custom Pack is dedicated to fulfilling your corrugated box packaging needs with excellence. No matter the shape or size, our experts make boxes to your specifications – whether for storage or something else entirely!


What is corrugated packaging material?


Corrugated packaging consists of two pieces of paper known as liners. These papers are joined with glue and secured together by fluting to form one unit, creating three sheets stacked upon one another that form an extremely sturdy building structure. With this clever design, several arches are formed and connected. These arches have become well-known for holding heavy loads securely. Our boxes feature strong foundations.

Cutting and folding corrugated boards into boxes is a quick and effective way of creating various forms and sizes of corrugated cases in different styles. Corrugated is a high-performance packaging material that can help secure, protect, and market goods. At Custom Pack cardboard boxes, we make your branded product shine on the market!


Attractive Styles Of Custom Corrugated Box Packaging


Creatively designed boxes can add an attractive, eye-catching aesthetic to your goods and make your branded item eye-catching. At The Custom Pack, we offer several beautiful opening styles for our custom corrugated cases:

       Tab lock roll end corrugated box

       Roll end tuck top

       Roll end with the lid

       Tuck top auto bottom

       Reverse tuck end

       Roll end tuck front

       Roll end 3 flaps tuck


Our Range of Boxes


Corrugated Boxes: The Backbone of Packaging


Boxes are integral to protecting sensitive information during transit. Modern packing relies heavily on boxes that are sturdy and long-lasting. It is ideal for protecting goods during transport or storage. Corrugated cases consist of multiple layers of fluted cardboard pressed between strong liners for improved cushioning and resistance against crushing. This ensures your goods arrive at their destination without incident.

Corrugated Box Design: Tailored to Your Needs

With our custom corrugated design services, you can tailor your packaging to meet your products and business’s specific needs and brand guidelines. Whether you require standard sizes or custom measurements, our team of experts will collaborate to craft corrugated cases that showcase them perfectly while making your brand shine.

Striking a balance is key in corrugated cardboard thickness, and we offer various thicknesses of our boxes that meet various weight and security needs. We have everything covered, from light boxes for small items to heavy boxes for bulkier ones!

Non Corrugated Cardboard: Versatile Packaging Alternatives

We have both corrugated and non-corrugated products, such as folding cartons and paperboard sleeves, available. It provides many packaging solutions for various packing requirements. Our non-corrugated products offer flexibility and ease without compromising strength or safety.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes: Reliable and Cost-Effective


Corrugated shipping boxes offer reliable yet budget-conscious solutions for shipping needs. Built to withstand the rigorous transporting process, our corrugated shipping box keeps items secure during their journey. With strong construction and secure closures, these shipping solutions give peace of mind while being cost-effective.

Corrugated Mailing Boxes: Safe and Secure Delivery

Guarantee that your gifts arrive intact using one of our mailing boxes. It is designed to fit snugly around each item you plan on shipping and provide maximum protection during transport. These sturdy mailers make the ideal solution when transporting delicate or valuable objects.

Plastic Corrugated Boxes: Durable and Sustainable


Our plastic boxes offer an effective and sustainable solution when your applications require additional durability or moisture resistance. Constructed from recyclable materials, these sturdy yet eco-friendly boxes give you and your customers peace of mind.


What Differs Our Printing Techniques


Custom Pack employs high-quality printing techniques for its products. Custom Pack printing methods include:

       Digital Printing

       Offset Printing

       Screen Printing

Screen Printing makes your corrugated wholesale boxes stand out. Simply select any one of the methods provided here for their boxes.


The Custom Pack offers add-on options for custom corrugated wholesale boxes. It includes foiling, laminations, coatings, embossing/debossing/embossing and waterproof layers, and other finishing features such as

       Spot UV makes certain areas of custom boxes more visible.

       Gloss lamination adds a shiny exterior to product packaging boxes.

       Matte lamination creates a smooth surface on boxes.

 What Sets Us Apart?


For product packaging needs, Custom Pack provides high-quality Custom Corrugated Boxes of superior quality at competitive pricing compared to other companies. These boxes give businesses endless packaging solutions. It ranges from shipping and storage branding and presentation to eco-friendly materials that meet customizable options, reliable construction, and eco-friendliness. They need everything they need to protect their products while making an impactful statement about environmental awareness. Discover our collection now to experience first-hand what corrugated can offer regarding your packaging needs!