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Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is made by gluing multiple kraft paper altogether. The first layer which is on the outer side is known as the liner board and the inner fluted section is known as the medium. The inner fluted layer creates an air pocket that acts as a cautioning. While the multiple layers make the box more sturdy.

Corrugated material is one of the most durable materials that can be used for packaging. By putting your fragile items inside these boxes you can rest assured that they will reach your customer’s doorstep safely.

What Are The Types Of Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated is one of the best materials that can be used to pack and ship fragile items. This material comes in different types. For your better understanding let’s discuss each of the cardboard materials in detail.

What Are The Thickness Of Corrugated Cardboard?

Flutes and liner are the two main components of the cardboard material.

What Are Flutes?

Flutes in corrugated cardboard refer to the wave-like arched sections between the flat linerboard layers that provide strength, cushioning, and insulation properties to the packaging material.

A-Flute (1)-Photoroom

A Flute

A flute is the thickest flute. It has a thickness of 5mm or ¼ inch. It is used to pack fragile items that require extra cushioning and protection. It is also used to pack heavy items because of its strength.

E Flute

E flute corrugated board is a thin yet sturdy paperboard material, measuring approximately 1.5mm to 2mm (0.0625 inches) thick. It has around 94 flutes per linear foot, giving it a very smooth surface that is ideal for high-quality graphics printing without compromising on cushioning properties.


B Flute

B Flute has a middle level of thickness. It has a thickness of 3.2 millimeters or ⅛ inch. It offers a great surface for printing and finishing. In addition, it is also very durable to safeguard your fragile products.


C Flute

The thickness of the C flute is 3.5 millimeters or 3/16 inch. C flute is mostly used for shipping boxes. Just like B flute it also offers a great surface on which you can print anything that you want while protecting your products.


F Flute

F flute is the thinnest of all flutes. Its thickness is 0.8mm or 1/32 inches. It is mostly used by businesses that want to maintain their style while providing great protection for their products. It is one of the best flutes for printing and finishing.


What are Linerboards

Linerboards are the flat outer layers of corrugated cardboard. They provide strength and structure to the material.

The inner corrugated layer, called the medium, is sandwiched between the two linerboards.

Linerboards are typically made of kraft paper and come in different grades and thicknesses depending on the desired strength and performance of the corrugated cardboard.

So, Now we hope you have the better understanding of what linerboards are.


Different Board Types Of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard comes in three different types of walls. For your better understanding let’s discuss each of the walls in detail.

Single Walls: A single wall board is one of the most common board types. It comes with one layer of fluting that is surrounded by two liners ( One on each side ). It is mostly used in shipping cartons.

Double Walls: A double wall board has five layers. Among the five layers, three layers are liner and two layers are fluting. These double wall boards are perfect to carry and protect heavy equipment.

Triple Walls: A triple wall board has seven layers. Among the seven layers, four layers are liner and three layers are fluting. This is the most durable type of corrugated cardboard.

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