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Custom Cigar Boxes

Give your cigars a unique look and sell them how they deserve with our custom cigar boxes.
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3D Design Studio

Materials takes the sole responsibility for protecting your products and that is why choosing a suitable material is very essential.

To help you with that we offer different materials. Each of these materials has its unique proposition. So, it’s entirely up to you which one you want to go for.

The Custom Pack offers various add-ons to enhance product presentation and brand identity. Choosing the right ad-ons is one of the easiest ways to capture customers attention.

So, if you want to distinguish your brand from the rest on the shelf, we offer different ad-ons to help you with that.

The Custom Pack offers various finishing options to enhance product presentation and brand identity. Finishing is one of the easiest ways through which you can distinguish your brand.

While choosing the finishing option you have to ensure that it resonates with your brand identity. That is why we offer different finishing options.

Experience worry-free shipping with our packaging solutions, offering guaranteed insured freight options for ground and air shipments, ensuring safe and secure delivery.

We only ship your products through our trusted partners so you can rest assured that your packaging will be in the proper shape when they reach your doorstep.

Custom Cigar Boxes

Cigars are hand-rolled tobacco products typically made from fermented and aged tobacco leaves. They are often associated with luxury, relaxation, and social occasions. Different cigars, such as bellicose, lancer, etc., are available. We offer custom cigar boxes to help you protect your cigars from all hazards. These custom-printed cigar packaging boxes are made of high-quality and durable materials that ensure your cigars reach your customers safely. Furthermore, these wholesale cigar boxes come with endless customization options through which you can quickly level up your branding game. Click on Request A Quotation to get your packaging done by the best cigar box manufacturer in the USA.<>/p

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Custom Cigar Boxes Are The Perfect Packaging Solution For Tobacco Businesses

The global tobacco industry is worth 756 billion dollars, and cigars contribute a significant portion of it. Cigars are always associated with luxury, and to help you establish your company as a luxury cigar brand, we offer custom cigar boxes. These custom-printed cigar boxes offer several advantages that we will discuss in the article, so if you want to get the maximum return on your investment, stay tuned. There is some exciting stuff about to come.

Custom Cigar Packaging For All Types Of Cigars

We all love cigars, but smoking the same cigar daily can be tedious. That is why there are different types of cigars, each with its own set of consumers. So, if you are a tobacco shop owner who sells various cigars, such as Cigarillo, Panatela, Cheroot, Whiff, or others, do not worry because we offer custom boxes for all cigar types. As the name suggests, our custom cigar packaging is fully customizable, meaning it can be designed in any shape and size. So, no matter what kind of cigars you sell, we can make custom cigar boxes for them.

Protect Your Cigars From All Hazards

The consumer loves to consume fresh cigars, which is why it is essential to always maintain their freshness. We offer custom-made cigar boxes to help you protect your cigars from all hazards while keeping them fresh for a long time. These custom cigar boxes are made of high-quality, durable materials such as cardboard, corrugated, kraft, and rigid. The Custom Pack always wants its customers to make an informed buying decision, so we have decided to discuss each material choice in detail.

Custom Cardboard Cigar Boxes

We are sure you have heard about cardboard. It is one of the most versatile materials used to pack cigars for decades. It is affordable, flexible, and can be designed in any shape and size. So, if you want an affordable packaging solution for your cigars, we highly recommend you choose custom cigar packaging. Another reason why we are recommending it to you is because it is one of the best materials that supports all types of printing and finishing options.

Custom Corrugated Cigar Boxes

If durability is your main concern, we highly recommend using the corrugated material. Corrugated is well known for its durability and strength. Using custom corrugated cigar packaging, you can rest assured that your cigars will perfectly reach your customer’s doorstep in proper shape.

Custom Rigid Cigar Boxes

Suppose you sell expensive cigars; your target audience is the upper middle or elite class. In that case, you must understand that these people take the packaging of their cigars very seriously. To help you fulfill their expectation, we offer custom rigid cigar packaging. As the name suggests, these custom cigar boxes are made of high-quality, luxurious, rigid material. Rigid boxes come in different packaging styles, which you can check on our catalog page.

Custom Kraft Cigar Boxes

If you want to associate your tobacco business with sustainability, we have an eco-friendly kraft material. As you know, kraft is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable material. Consumers are becoming more conscious of environmental concerns and have started asking brands to adopt sustainable packaging. Tobacco businesses that have listened to customers’ demands are flourishing. Well, we do not want you to miss that opportunity.

Impress Your Customers With Creative Cigar Boxes Designs

As previously mentioned, cigars are associated with luxury, and cigar consumers are obsessed with their aesthetic look. To help you exceed their expectations, we offer custom cigar boxes designs. That’s not it because we have an in-house professional graphic and packaging designers team. They carry years of experience in designing tobacco packaging and by collating with them you can come up with innovative design ideas that can help you to grab customers attention.

Cigar Retail Boxes

According to a recent survey, 36% of the cigars in the USA are sold at the retail shop. Now that is a massive number and no business wants to miss those customers who still buy cigars from the retail shop. As a business owner, you have to think from a customer’s perspective. When a customer enters a retail shop they will see hundreds of cigars brands in front of them. Now the question appears why should they choose you? The answer is quite simple and straight forward you have to capture customers attention and this is where we can help you.

Custom Cigar Gift Boxes

Cigars are one of the best gifting items that you can give to your mates. It’s obvious that no one wants to give cigars in traditional dull packaging and to help you with that we offer custom cigar gift packaging. As the name suggests these custom cigar boxes are fully customizable which means that you can design them according to your own theme. So, whether you want to design your custom boxes for cigars in a Christmas theme, Halloween them, or anything else we have you covered.

Cigar Boxes With Dividers

If you are a tobacco seller who wants to add multiple cigars in the same box then we do not worry because by collaborating with us we have made it possible for you. We offer custom inserts for cigars that can help you to protect your cigars. In addition, putting your cigars with dividers also allows you to give them a classy look.

High-Quality Printing For Custom Printed Cigar Boxes

Choosing high-quality printing for your customized packaging is an essential consideration. Printing is primarily responsible for showcasing your essential product information to your customers, such as your brand logo, brand name, product images, product details, and similar essential branding elements. The Custom Pack always wants to ensure that there is no communication barrier between you and your customers, so we use our advanced printing technology machines to print your packaging. We also use different printing techniques, such as offset, digital, flexographic, gravure, UV, screen, and many more. We only use the finest quality imported inks, so you can expect nothing less than extraordinary.

Unique Finishing Options For Personalized Cigar Boxes

Finishing is the final stage of customized packaging. It adds an extra layer of elegance to your packaging, making your final product packaging look more attractive. When choosing a finishing option for your custom-printed boxes, you must ensure it matches your brand identity. That is why we offer different finishing options, from spot to soft touch and UV to aqueous. That is not it because remember what we told you earlier: we offer endless customization options. So, if you want to make your custom cigar boxes more attractive, you can also choose from our different add-ons, such as embossing, debossing, die-cuts, and more. If you are not sure which packaging options work best for you, do not worry—we have a dedicated customer service department for that. All you need to do is get in touch, and they will help you choose the right customization options according to your needs and requirements.

Unboxing Experience

In our years of experience, we have seen that most businesses do not take this point seriously. Businesses that know the advantages of providing a unique unboxing experience to their customers are flourishing. Everyone is trying to sell, and customers hate to be sold. Customers really appreciate it when a brand does something extra for them besides providing a high-quality product. This is where our customized packaging boxes come into play. These custom cigar boxes have an advanced locking mechanism that helps you give your customers a memorable unboxing experience. Nowadays, everyone uses social media, and customers post unboxing videos of their purchases on different social media platforms. If you provide a unique unboxing experience to your customers, then they will definitely talk about it on their social media channels, and you will get a free marketing opportunity.

Buy Custom Cigar Boxes In Bulk

At The Custom Pack, we believe in providing our clients with the best return on their investment, so we offer custom cigar packaging in bulk. By buying our wholesale cigar packaging you can easily keep your per-unit cost down and provide a premium unboxing experience to your customers at a negligible cost. In addition, these custom packaging for cigars also helps you to level up your branding game. So, when are you getting your custom cigar boxes from the best cigar box manufacturer in the USA?
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Why Choose The Custom Pack for Custom Cigar Boxes?

Packaging is your customers’ first interaction with your product, so you must ensure it catches their eye. The Custom Pack provides a 360° solution for all your packaging needs, from materials to styles, designs to sizes, printing to finishing, and more.

We believe in providing our clients with the best return on their investment, so we offer different free services from design to shipping, quotation to mockups, and more. We offer the fastest turnaround time and a hassle-free experience.

We want to facilitate everyone from startups to enterprises, so our custom boxes for cigar are affordable. Now, if you are ready to establish a brand name in the tobacco industry, all you need to do is click on Request A Quotation, and you will be good to go.

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Our standard turnaround time for custom packaging is 12 to 14 business days after the approval of the artwork.

You will receive proof before your custom packaging goes to production. This proof will be a 3D representation of your packaging design, allowing you to approve it before production begins.
Yes, you can get your order done as soon as possible. The option for a rush order is available, which typically takes 5-7 business days. An expedited fee of 25% will be applied.
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