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Custom Mailer Boxes

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Custom Mailer Boxes: Protecting and presenting your brand better

Packaging is of utmost importance    in today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce and shipping goods. It represents your business to your customer and ensures their products arrive safely at their destinations. There are many choices for packaging, but custom mailer boxes stand out. They are flexible, useful, and powerful for businesses that want to make an effect on their customers that lasts.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom package boxes are the best choice for companies that sell things online or offer delivery services. Because of how they are made and shaped, these boxes are some of the best packaging you can get. Custom Pack sells the best mailer boxes with decorative extras and protected coatings. You can use our boxes to send your items, and they will be safe and look great.

Our prices are competitive, and we send for free to our customers. our packing experts are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week to assist our clients. They make things run more efficiently for them. So if you want your brand to look its best get your custom mailer boxes from us! 

Customers will remember your brand better if you use personalized Kraft mailer cases with your logo to promote your business. To make good packages, we use high-end materials and printing methods. Besides this, our coating and add-on choices will make your packaging boxes look beautiful and impressive.

Get your Durable Packaging and Safely Deliver your Products

When choosing materials for custom mailing boxes, we don’t skimp on quality or long-term use. When picking out packing, it’s always a good idea to have high standards. Because of this, we only use strong materials. These things are what we use:


       Kraft paper

       Rigid material

       Kraft paper


We use Kraft because it is the lightest stuff we have. This material breaks down completely, and its long fibres make the boxes strong. Since it’s cheap, it’s the best way to handle plastic mailer cases. 

Aside from that, we also use cardboard and plastic material. They can both be recycled and make strong packing. The E-fluted perforated material in our product keeps it in perfect condition by absorbing the shocks during shipping. 

It gives its customers all the choices they could want. You can contact us whether you want simple packing or high-end custom-printed mailers. We use rigid materials that will give your goods a high-end look for our luxury rigid boxes. 

Get higher-quality printing facilities

We can print on high-quality paper so that your boxes look good. Pictures that are fuzzy and dark will make your goods look bad. Because of this, we use modern printing equipment to make sure the artwork is clear and of high quality.

The price of our printing service depends on your budget. It depends on the amount of time you need, and the quality of the finished product. Our prices are fair with the market, so you can get cheap mailer cases for packaging. White mailing boxes exude a classy aesthetic, making them an excellent way for brands to present themselves as premium. We print with the colour system and the following methods:

Flexography: Get your boxes printed with flexography if you want to save money on printing.

Digital Printing: At our printing shop, we use this advanced technique for high-end printing. Our customers will enjoy premium packaging boxes.

Offset Lithography: Clients looking for embossing on their printed boxes may find custom offset lithography an ideal way to achieve it.

Foil Stamping: We use another excellent printing technique called Foil Stamping to give boxes a luxurious and refined appearance. This has an exquisite and prestigious appeal that rivals anything found on retail store shelves.

Add Glam To Your Boxes With Custom Pack

Packaging must reflect positively upon a brand, so material and printing choices should enhance this objective. Add colour to your packaging for an unforgettable unboxing experience and instantaneously grab attention. Colored mailer boxes enhance personality and creativity in the brand presentation. That’s why Custom Pack provides additional services that enhance custom box mailers. We give our customers the best add-ons at fair prices. Here are a few of our most famous ones:

       Hot Foil Stamping



       Spot Ultraviolet

Protect And Enhance The Aesthetic Look Of Your Boxes With Coating

There are different ways to cover a box. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which coating is best for your goods. To make things clear, Custom Pack offers full consulting to all of its clients. To make unique gift boxes that look like mailer design boxes, you need to add coatings.

We offer a wide range of coatings, just like we do for other packaging choices. You can easily make your boxes stand out and last a long time. These are some of the coating choices at Custom Pack:

       Coating with an aqueous semi-gloss

       Durable coatings for online shopping

       High-end finishes like matte and gloss coatings

       Coating of pearls and glitter

Which kind of coating is used depends on the printing method, material, and budget of the client. We make things easier for our customers by selling custom poly mailers wholesale.

Get Custom Mailer Boxes With Logo For Bussiness Expansion

If your business delivers things, it needs mailer packing. You can do more than just deliver your product safely. You can also promote your business. To make your logo stand out more, we offer expensive services like hot stamping and embossing.

Please send us your image, marketing slogans, or information about your brand. They will be perfectly lined up by our designers so that you get the best product wrapping.

Why Our Custom Mailer Boxes Are The Best?

Custom Pack knows a lot about packing. Exactly that’s why we have the best and most advanced packaging tools. We know that for shipping reasons, you need high-quality packaging that looks expensive.

We can help with this by giving you mailer cases made of strong materials. Furthermore, we offer a variety of printing options that make the boxes look nice. When you use Custom Pack, you can get the best packing services, such as

       A low-cost packaging

       Good products with a range of choices

       Best package for advertising

       High-end printing services

       Interesting add-ons

       Pretty coatings

       The quickest delivery of orders

       Modern tools for making boxes

       Full help for customers


Greener ideas are important to Custom Pack. Therefore, we only use products that are good for the environment. In many ways using green materials is good for the earth. It is also the safest choice when you need boxes to package food. People who care about the environment will be more likely to buy your goods.

Put in your order right now!

With unique corrugated mailer boxes from Custom Pack, you can enhance the appeal of your brand. Our premium services will help you deliver your product safely and raise the value of your business. We make sure that your packing journey is memorable with our skilled and professional staff.

It usually takes 25 to 28 days for the packaging industry to send the order. But Custom Pack only needs 6–8 business days to make and send boxes. So use high-end boxes to make your product look better.