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Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes

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Kraft Boxes

Kraft paper is a material that is often used in packaging companies. In fact, it is the most commonly used material. It is strong, flexible, and good for the earth. We care a lot about the earth and the dangers of trash, so the boxes we sell are made from 100% recycled materials. The default color for these boxes is brown, but we can use the newest full-color printing technology to change the color and add any pattern you want. It’s also possible to bleach out the brown, leaving you with beautiful colors and the unique feel of Kraft paper. You can get custom Kraft boxes made from high-quality materials cheaply.

Step into packaging perfection with our exclusive line of Kraft Boxes, where sustainability meets style in an alluring embrace. These aren’t just boxes; they’re vessels of eco-consciousness designed for your brand while leaving minimal environmental footprints behind. Join us as we discover their versatile uses while simultaneously decreasing environmental impacts.

Give Your Products An Outstanding Presentation With Kraft Paper Boxes

Packaging goes beyond simply placing items in boxes. It also involves keeping things safe, showing them off, and labelling them accordingly.
Kraft is one of the premier materials for creating sturdy boxes to hold expensive, heavy, or luxurious objects. Kraft paper boxes can accommodate various things ranging from food (like cakes, burgers, and Chinese food to candles, soaps, and electronics) – as well as gifts. Our customized boxes can also help increase the value of items while increasing shelf space efficiency.

The Custom Pack offers custom wrapping boxes tailored to its customer’s specifications. They use high-tech printing, die-cutting equipment, and expert packagers. We deliver packages that meet customer demand by providing boxes in various thicknesses tailored specifically for them.
We look out for your budget!

Uncompromising Quality For Premium Kraft Packaging

Quality is always our priority when creating custom Kraft packaging boxes. We use strict quality control to ensure our packages meet and exceed industry requirements. We always do our best to deliver sturdy and dependable boxes. We can print them onto brown paper boxes with precise colors, logos, branding elements, and product info for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Additionally, these personalized brown Kraft containers look amazing and cool. They’re easy to assemble, smooth to use, and help your product or service stand out in the market!

The Natural Choice For Packaging

Make an impactful statement about your brand being eco-friendly, or run your business responsibly by selecting our biodegradable Kraft packingPaper made of Kraft is one of the best products on the market and makes creating boxes with minimal energy usage and carbon emissions easy.

Our selection of different kinds of Kraft paper allows you to craft your packaging while taking your first steps into the market with carbon-free packing solutions. Kraft paper is made of wood pulp without bleached chemicals. When Custom Pack makes boxes, they use only approved Kraft paper.

Infinite Customization Options

There are endless ways to tailor your experience and tailor-make every experience to fit you perfectly.

The Custom Pack offers packaging boxes in virtually every imaginable shape, style, size, layout, printing method, or extra feature you may require. We understand exactly what the fashion world wants regarding trendy and stylish packaging boxes.

Kraft paper packaging options showcase the beauty of natural materials while protecting your items safely. We use Kraft paper for packaging your handmade jewelry, gourmet treats, or homemade soaps.

At Custom Pack, we combine cutting-edge packing methods with years of experience to produce custom Kraft containers to your specifications. Choose any of the following options for customization:

● Box shape (rectangular, cube, gable, mailer, etc.)
● Box style (sleeves, tuck-end, two-piece, etc.)
● Size (from extra small to extra-large)

Browse Our Selection of Kraft Boxes:

Kraft Box with Window: Putting Your Products on Display

Put your goods on display using a Kraft box with window. Our stylish yet practical boxes with windows will showcase your goods while keeping them secure. Your customers will fondly remember opening this box for years.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes: Adding Beauty to Your Accessories

Utilize our Kraft box for jewelry to raise your jewelry packing to new heights. They look fantastic when combined with expensive accessories. Thanks to their natural Kraft finish, which can also be printed upon. Showcase the beauty of your brand by opting for this eco-friendly and stylish packaging option for all your products.

Kraft Gable Boxes: Convenience Meets Sustainability

Gable boxes offer an eco-friendly way of packaging items on the go. It is perfect for gifts, party favors, and takeout food deliveries. These sturdy containers are easy to use and convenient. Their eco-friendliness and usefulness make them stand out among their counterparts.

Kraft Soap Boxes: Preserving the Purity of Your Products

Our Soap boxes will keep hand-made soaps clean. Constructed of eco-friendly materials and featuring an attractive yet simplistic design. Soap boxes provide the ideal way to package handmade goods while remaining eco-friendly. It provides customers with pure products while making customers happy!

Kraft Mailer Boxes: Eco-Friendly Shipping Solutions

Mailer boxes offer an environmentally friendly method of shipping items. You can do it safely and confidently when sending items with our mailer boxes. knowing they’re made from sturdy Kraft paperboard with self-locking tabs for effortless assembly. They’re the ideal choice for businesses that prioritize sustainability.

Order customized Shipping boxes now!

Trust our Kraft shipping boxes to transport your products safely when shipped. Our boxes are made of sturdy paperboard and offer reliable protection while minimizing environmental impact. The Custom Pack utilizes advanced packaging technology, including die-cutting equipment, high-grade materials, innovative packaging designs, and creative finishing approaches. Experienced graphic designers, material specialists, printing specialists, and customer service teams to provide seamless packaging service solutions.


Kraft boxes offer sustainable packaging solutions from shipping and storage to presentation and branding, creating endless eco-friendly possibilities. Choose Kraft for all your packaging needs to join the movement towards sustainability while giving customers an unforgettable unboxing experience. Browse our collection of Kraft cases today and experience their beauty first-hand.