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Cake Boxes

Presentation is everything when it comes to mouth-watering treats. If you want your sweet delicacies to look their best, come to The Custom Pack. Our bakery provides an exquisite collection of cake boxes specially designed to attractively showcase your tasty sweets. Come experience it for yourself today.


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Make Your Baking More Delightful with Beautiful Cake Boxes

Explore our cake boxes to find the ideal packaging solution for your bakery goods. The Custom Pack is established to bring out the flavor in delectable delicacies, offering clients an affordable and satisfying packaging experience. As a thriving bakery, you no doubt require top-quality printed custom boxes. Our expertly crafted packaging will enhance the sweetness of the cakes, pastries, and cookies you offer your clients.

We can add the perfect magical touches to your delectable products. Our experienced team of specialists is among the most knowledgeable and dedicated in the industry. As a result, your clients will be more delighted than ever before. Consistently striving to meet the demanding expectations of businesses has always been our mission, so stop searching elsewhere for reliable solutions!

Cake Boxes: Revealing Divine Delights

Our cake boxes showcase your bakery’s artistry and workmanship with elegance and grace. It serves more than simply storage purposes for baked goods sold from your bakery. Whether it’s tall layer cakes or delicate pastries you sell, our boxes allow them to gracefully showcase them all.

Our Cake Boxes Set Them Apart by Offering:

Window Cake Boxes:

With our window cake boxes, clients can admire your delicious sweets without compromising their freshness. It adds an air of mystery and intrigue to orders. Additionally, these containers make an excellent way to showcase elaborate toppings or decorations.

Wholesale Bakery Option:

Your bakery operations can become easier by taking advantage of our wholesale cake box solutions. Our bulk pricing ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising quality – perfect for catering to individual consumers or cafes/restaurants alike.

Customization Options:

Personalize our custom boxes for cake to match the style and character of your bakery and distinguish yourself from competitors. With customizable features like logo placement and color choices, you have complete freedom to show your bakery’s individuality through these boxes.

Order Custom Cake Boxes in Bulk

Buying boxes in bulk is an easy and economical way to save money. It provides you with more control when planning purchases in quantity. At TheCustomPack, we offer great discounts. Once we receive your order we get right down to work meeting any deadlines for delivery that may arise.

Wholesale boxes from us come in all shapes, sizes, and additional colors imaginable – with endless assistance available as part of the deal. Wholesale Boxes include free shipping and design support.

With your hard work, cake packaging will be even better than you imagined! We source our food-grade cardboard cartons from reliable sources. Cake cases are manufactured using materials resistant to tears so your cakes stay fresh until their end. All that effort will pay off!

Special Attributes Of The Custom Pack?

Quality Assurance: Guaranteeing our cake box’s quality by using only top-of-the-line materials ensures the safe transport or display of baked products.

Variety and Versatility: Our extensive range of packaging solutions, from window boxes to cake and paper cookie boxes, is sure to meet all of the demands of your bakery.

Convenience: Stocking up on bakery necessities has never been easier with our pie boxes bulk selections and efficient ordering method.

Overall, our boxes will elevate your bakery’s presentation.

Every baked good should be presented in an eye-catching way according to TheCustomPack. From impressing clients to leaving an impression with baked goods, our sweet boxes are an effective way to showcase them. Take full advantage of your bakery’s presentation by exploring our assortment of cake cases today!

Get the Most Delicious Custom Cake Boxes

Who wouldn’t give up everything in the world for an aristocratically designed box of the most delicious cake in town? Nowadays, the uprooting competition among the world’s famous bakeries has compelled packaging connoisseurs and other experts associated with them to create the finest boxes of cakes.

Almost everyone who is related to the world of packaging and printing will fashion the most extravagant-looking cake boxes to garner the customer’s attention by leaps and bounds! A peculiarly packaged box of cake is compelled to withdraw the attention and curiosity of a client, and mostly, it is the overstated luxury packaging that forces a client to invest in the cake.

Custom Cake Boxes and Packaging |  Cake Boxes Wholesale

If you are one of those people who love to have everything aesthetically tasteful for your business, then surely you are bound to be impressed by the state-of-the art work of! We serve the most intricate form of eco-friendly cake boxes at an international level and thus, we have a promising multitude of clients all over the world, especially in the USA and Canada. We provide free shipments and home delivery. Yes. We offer the most flattering prices on the provision of economically rated bulk orders of bakery boxes that are crafted out of the most uncompromised quality of deluxe cardboard.


  • What types of dessert boxes can one purchase?

    We carry various styles of sweet boxes to meet your needs, such as standard sweet boxes, window boxes, and custom-printed cake boxes. Each is designed to look amazing when filled with baked goods!

  • How can I choose the ideal size box?

    For your cakes to fit perfectly in the cake box, you need to correctly measure their height, width, and depth. The people who work in customer service can also help you choose the right size.

  • Do your boxes come in eco-friendly boxes?

    Yes, we offer eco-friendly boxes. It is made of biodegradable and reusable materials so you can choose an eco-friendly packaging option for your bakery goods.

  • How can I order boxes in bulk?

    We make it easy for bakeries of all sizes to purchase bulk sweet boxes that meet their needs – be they small batches or larger orders.

  • Do you offer customizable cake box designs?

    Yes, the boxes can be modified. For instance, we can print your bakery’s name or brand on them; additionally, there are various colors, designs, and finishes to complement the style of your bakery.