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Do you like to indulge your early morning fancies in a delicious bowl of cereals? Do spectacularly designed cereal boxes always draw you into awe and inspiration? Do you like to buy the most appealingly designed cereal boxes for your family?  Nowadays, due to the exponentially growing number of cereal selling brands, a lot of emphasis is placed upon the packaging to boost sales and market the brand consequently.

Young children, teenagers and even the busiest of adults mostly gorge on scrumptious and easy to make cereal meals for the breakfast that greatly save the cooking time and thus, cereals are sold extensively at a universal scale.


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Regulations for Nutritional Information on Mexico Cereal Boxes

Grocery stores in Mexico City largely include boxes of Kellogg’s cereal. The city reportedly received 380,000 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in 2021, indicating demand for breakfast cereal in the area.

Mexican government regulates in Mexico City mandate that food companies display the improving children’s diets of their products on their corn flakes boxes. This is done in order to advicate consumers about the nutritional value of the food they are consuming. Many food companies follow these regulations, even if it means increased production costs.

Cartoon characters and cartoon drawings are commonly used to market cereal products for the Mexican children. This is a common marketing strategy employed by many food companies, which is thought to be successful due to its appeal to the younger demographic.

Custom Boxes and Packaging | Printed Rice Krispies Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal

Due to the diligent work and ceaseless efforts, our graphic designers have earned a lot of respect and importance imparted by our worldwide audience of clients. We export our pragmatically devised boxes all over the world and in countries like the USA and Canada, we provide free shipments and delivery of economically priced bulk orders.

Changes in Marketing Tactics to Emphasize Nutritional Value of Cereals in Mexico city

Health organizations and consumer advocacy groups, however, have also opposed this practice. Claiming that it encourages kids to eat high-calorie snacks. Which can result in health issues later in life.

Some Mexican food firms have begun to change their marketing strategies in response to these worries. Such that they now emphasize the nutritional content of their goods rather than only using cartoon characters and illustrations.

Mexico’s consumer protection agency has recently enacted laws aimed. That every Kellogg’s cereals boxes should have proper warning signs with the state nutritional values. Having questions for your Kellogg’s products boxes and want immediately respond from our team, just give us a call or email us and we will assist you accordingly.


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