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Chinese Takeout Box

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants that makes use of the specially designed custom boxes for their Chinese food. They need to cater customers with take away and dine in facilities and that’s why, The Custom Pack offers custom Chinese takeout boxes that are designed to pack the Chinese food assuring their mouthwatering taste and quality!


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Keep your Food Fresh in Chinese Takeout Box

To pack every quality, we have every type of box. There are a lot of Chinese Takeout Box that is of Kraft material, while some are made up of cardboard- the choice is yours! You can find that Chinese Takeout Box are available with printed logo at their face section, helping in branding and the customers can get awarded about your company’s profile.

For every occasion, we have special deals on boxes like for Christmas, New Year and so on. You can order our pre made custom Chinese takeout boxes or can order new one according to specifications!  Moreover, our prices are highly affordable and you can easily enjoy the delivery at doorstep without any additional prices.

Our Chinese food boxes, are good for packing of food items and a trademark to safeguard your food and keep them fresh. So why you are waiting? Just order our custom boxes and surprise your customers with new form of product packaging!

Ordering Chinese takeout would only be complete with an iconic takeout box, but what if you could make your box even more special and unique with custom packaging? That’s where custom packaging comes into play!

Custom printed take out boxes are the perfect way to give your Chinese takeout boxes a personalized flair. From shape and printing options to perforation and window choices, the options are endless – you could even incorporate elements of Chinese culture into the design for something truly one-of-a-kind!

To create your customized Chinese takeout box, start with PVC sheet material. This material is ideal for creating sturdy and durable boxes that can withstand the weight of your favorite Chinese dishes. Afterward, select your preferred perforation options custom window to add an elegant touch to your box.

Regarding printing, you have several shapes and colors available, including CMYK. This printing method produces precise, accurate colors that make your design stand out. Plus, with wholesale prices, ordering custom Chinese take out box in bulk has never been so affordable!

Before placing your order, you can request a proof flat view to ensure your design is exactly as you imagined. With custom packaging options for Chinese takeout boxes, you can elevate your dining experience and wow your guests.