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Custom Handle Boxes

What are handle boxes? Well, handle boxes are those versatile boxes that are the most staggering examples of paper board packaging that celebrate the spirit of packaging innovation to a maximal degree. These handle boxes are made up of a sturdy cardboard material that antagonizes the action of creasing and hence, they are the most unique mixtures of art, intricacy, radical forms of technology and oodles of imagination. Despite the profound impact of tons of colossal pressure, the cardboard boxes with handles are created very durably by The Custom Pack and if you want to get the most innovative models of the best box with the handle in the world, check out the work produced by! Yes, if you prefer, our graphic designers will offer you the most versatile embellishing printing techniques that can be easily applied on your wholesale handle boxes!

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Harness The Style By Our Handier Handle Boxes

Yes, we use the latest printing technologies for making these handle boxes such as the letterpress, rotogravure, flexography, and lithography which are the four elementary printing phases.

These printing techniques are the prime pillars of the latest printing and the team serving at TheCustomPack leave no stone unturned to win the consensus of their clients.

We always follow the most aesthetically appealing models and patterns of designing, printing, and packaging to elevate the sales of the products sold by our clients. And, what’s even better, we produce the “greener” form of packaging, which means we use eco-friendliest materials.

Custom Handle Boxes and Packaging | Cardboard Box with Handle

We produce the sample of our ordered consignment before the final approval of our clients and once we get their consent, we immediately get the printing process of the bulk order started in the minimum turnaround time. Custom handle boxes are also the best example of gift boxes.

We try to produce the most premium printing work in minimum production time and offer the most economical rates. Apart from free design support and 24/7 customer service, we also offer free shipment and delivery for the clients residing in the USA and Canada. We also ship our bulk orders for the best wholesale bargains to other geographical destinations of the world.