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Custom Pastry Boxes

Pastries are sold all over the world daily to millions of sweet aficionados every day. This scrummy confectionary item tastes its best when it is fresh, delectable and moist. Confectioners and bakers use the most adequate wholesale Pastry Boxes to preserve the freshness of the contents and most of them rely on the services of our packaging brand, TheCustomPack to package their baked goods in a variety of colorful shapes sizes and exquisite designs.

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Grab The Most Delicious Custom Pastry Boxes

These uniquely fashioned pastry boxes can be crafted in all assortments of shapes and sizes, depending upon the main theme of the patisserie. These Custom Pastry Boxes can be made using unlimited die cut options and can be gorgeously printed to add up to the striking texture of the box and hence, boost the profile-raising campaigns of their confectionery brands.

Do you know anyone who is a die hard sweet tooth and yet, he or she would not be tempted towards Chou, filo, shortcrust and flaky pastries packaged in strikingly astonishing boxes of charming pastries?

The pastry boxes with windows are the most popular ones since they make the products more likable to captivate the target audience. The material used in the manufacture of the boxes is light weighted and Eco-friendly. Pastry boxes can be handily customized with sundry features, such as handles and petal shaped tops to beautify them.

Wholesale Boxes

These days, options such as inserts for these boxes would protect your yummy pastries from tipping off or spoiling their actual shape. Sprightly colored boxes are ideal for sending puff and flaky pastries to your friends, family, and other acquaintances. Bakery owners use customized pastry boxes with printed logos to enhance the reliability of brands.

Frosted pastries manufacturers, package their exclusive pastry flavors in resolutely fashioned boxes, along with the set of useful instructions mentioned on their incredible packaging.

For Christmas, Valentines’ day, New Year’s Eve and birthdays’ bakeries pop up with their special delicious pastries along with the most fascinating boxes to present them delightfully. Embellishing decorations such as the ribbons, laces, bows and fabric flowers add to the pinnacle of the glory of the wholesale pastry boxes.

Best Small pastry Boxes with Logo Design

For weddings and bridal showers, the boxes are mostly crafted with a great degree of perfection. White, champagne, silver and ivory insignias of the pastry boxes supplement the backdrop of the confectionery houses. For girlie bridal showers, you can always use an outburst of vivid colors using pink-colored boxes and the funkier ones with a bespoke polka dot theme.