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Double Wall Tuck Top

Double wall tuck top boxes are retailer’s first choice when it comes to the shipping of the products.  The boxes we offer have visual appeal and are durable at the same time. The boxes comprise of the side panels that are doubled over while the lid can be tucked back, hence the name. Since the size of the products varies, TheCustomPack has options for the type of box you choose; different types of these boxes have different capacity to hold the contents. The lightweight one is meant for the contents that aren’t too heavy.


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Ship Your Products with the Best Double Wall Tuck Top

Double Wall tuck box is rectangular in shape which is one of the most solid geometries when it comes to preparation of the secure boxes. Also, the cardboard used is durable that gives our boxes an edge over the others out there in the market.

These boxes are very economical for shipping. Not only are they one of the most convenient options but adds to the overall visual appeal of the product. Any product in this perfectly symmetrical and captivating box will look even better.

There are ready-made sizes as well as custom sizes available. The color and design can also be chosen. The boxes can also be used for the branding of a company.

Double Wall Tuck Top

Considering the long distances that these boxes have to travel, special care is taken when it comes to the reliability of the cardboard. Any faulty cardboard is immediately discarded.

The boxes are very easy to assemble and have creases that facilitate their folding when not in use. This also allows the easy opening as well as the proper closing of the box. The proper closing reduces the pertinent risk of losing spilling of the contents upon flipping. These boxes do not occupy much space which means that they can be easily stored.


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