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E Cigarette Liquid Packaging

Do you want to stand out among the endless vape liquid brands? Our custom e-cigarette liquid packaging boxes offer a unique way to attract customers and make your product look attractive. This durable, economical and eco-friendly packaging solution is designed with features that help you promote your business. We provide you with full customization options, allowing you to choose size, shape, and finish according to your demands.


  • Customizable box sizes
  • Sturdy material made from recycled paper
  • Variety of finishes including matte and glossy lamination, spot UV coating
  • Customized logos, images, and other artwork printed on the boxes


  • Keeps vape liquids safe from moisture and other environmental factors
  • Helps get maximum brand visibility due to its unique shape
  • Easy assembly makes for efficient shipping process
  • Aesthetically pleasing design helps bring attention to the products

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E Cigarette Liquid Packaging: All You Need To Know in 2023

E Cigarettes liquid packaging, in full Electronic Cigarettes, are called E-Cigs, Vapes, E-Hookahs, and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). It is trending today, and the fascination for the product among masses across the globe has been ever-growing these days. There are many brands within the market to compete, and in this regard, an aesthetic look has become mandatory to survive the competition. Therefore, The Custom Pack strives its best to produce the best custom packaging boxes. Our work speaks volumes regarding branding and packaging that educates, elevates, and differentiates.

5 Things to Expect When Ordering from The Custom Pack

Custom e-cigarettes and Vape liquid packaging are vital marketing tools in your arsenal. The reason people don’t buy from a product is that they buy from the packaging, which is ominously true in the vaping industry. That’s where The Custom Pack comes in! Being one of the largest wholesale manufacturers to provide you with e-cigarette/liquid packaging at cost-effective rates. They are durable and sturdy enough to provide maximum product protection, keeping them safe during the transition, storage, and display process. The packaging is designed under our experts’ guidance, who skillfully interpret your branding requirements. Such an enchanting look makes your products outshine the retail shelves. More importantly, all such products are made from 100% recyclable material, which is eco-friendly and beneficial for your brand’s reputation. The Custom pack provides various designs and shapes of E-cigarette liquid packaging, such as,

Display boxes:

These boxes come in large sizes to adjust many E-cigarette liquids and are also quite handy for retail display.

Shipping boxes:

Sturdy materials are used to ensure safety. these boxes have internal separations for e liquid bottles to be placed safely inside the shipping box.

Window boxes:

These boxes come with a window on the front of the box showing the product in a very pretty way. Or we can also make custom e liquid boxes.

Customization – Have Them Your Way!

Our customized E-Cigarette Liquid Packaging provides a bundle of options for our clients to define their products with distinctive packaging boxes. For the customer’s facilitation, we offer,

  • Free Shipping
  • No Setup Charges
  • Quick Turnaround Time

Also, what are some extremely innovative and imaginative generalities for liquid boxes? There are numerous opportunities. However, customized boxes from The Custom Pack are amazing choice to take into consideration. If you want to do your business or organisation a little extra favor. We’re open to everything because there’s no need for us to judge your creative input.

Unique designs for E Liquids Packaging Boxes:

Our custom packaging boxes for E Liquids come in various dimensions, sizes, designs and styles. We provide attractive UV, aqueous, glass and matt coatings to give your liquid the ideal finish. Plus we add decorative details like gold or silver foiling. Additionally, our E-cigarette liquid boxes come with various shapes.

Unique Packaging– Want to have unique packaging in the market? We will help you with your product packaging by offering the best affordable prices. In this we can offer you raised ink, pvc sheet, die cutting, provide free design support with proof flat view. If you want physical sampling that is also available.

Display box – These boxes are enormous for accommodating many an E liquids. You can use these boxes to get an exclusive retail display with the foam inserts so that your product will be in retail stores and earn good eye-catching.

Shipping boxes – While shipping, you will need the boxes which are made of durable and sturdy material so that it will be perfect for storage and at the same time for shipping most securely and protectively with your brand logo that can also be done in foil stamping.

Die-Cut Window box – With these boxes, you will get a window at the front, which will display the product inside the box. If you want to engage your audience with the product, this box can be considered a perfect option.

Sleeve and Tray Box – Because of out and inner boxes, this overall box works kind of a tray. This tray is also set in a much secure way inside the covering box on the outside.

Custom E-liquid Flavor Boxes – Just the Way They Please You!

We produce Custom E-liquids Boxes of the highest standards. Ensuring we use top-notch packaging material, the boxes are created with the care and precision they deserve to look after your e-devices.

But this is not where our services are going to stop. We will offer you customization services that will allow you to have a box not only to your desired shape and size, but you will have the choice of playing around with colors and design as well. Even if you have different flavors of liquid and want to customize your e and wanting a perfect box but worried if the quality is not good, then you can have our FREE Samples so that you can see our quality.

We believe in rescuing our clients in all matters of packaging by providing an enormous range of designs and vibrant colors. Though the shapes and sizes of the Custom Window E-Liquid Boxes are standard, however we can create them to the client’s specifications too. But that is not all. We use the highest standard cardboard material for manufacturing the Custom E-liquids Boxes. This way, we are ensuring that the products don’t get damaged.

We have a fully qualified team that can create any design you choose for your Single Flavor E-Liquids Boxes from the simplest to the most complicated. We can offer you an array of services from crafting the custom made CBD packaging for the vapes. You can select the paper for manufacturing, the coating and other services too that are being offered to you by us.

We Offer 100% Satisfactory Packaging Material

Furthermore, The Custom Pack understands the importance of recycling. That is why we manufacture all our Custom Packaging Shipping Boxes using only 100% disposable and reusable material – typically E flute corrugated material to guarantee items remain secure during transit.

When it comes to low quality choice, we observe zero-tolerance policy. This is why we believe in hiring the most motivated, talented and qualified individuals. We want a team with the most hard working and honest personnel.
So if you have any concerns or need any help related to the shape, size, design or packaging, feel free to get in touch with us.

Get fully functional product for display

It is a known fact that consumers evaluate and differentiate products based on the liquid e-cigarette package. Sometimes merchants fail to make a distinctive exhibit that would set them apart from their rivals. However, our designers can put in a lot of effort to design unique E-Cigarette liquid boxes packaging in line with the product’s personality and develop a strengthened setup of the brand’s display. The brand can quickly persuade clients and achieve their sales goals with these display-oriented bundles.

The Custom Pack is the name of brand

To make your E-Cigarettes stand out, The Custom Pack will provide custom E-Cigarette liquid boxes that encourage customers’ loyalty and the earth-friendly position of the company. Indeed, creating a deep connection between customers and sellers is the part of modern and successful marketing. For this, we are offering a wide variety of E-Cigarette liquid boxes that make the receivers’ happy and contented. Our designers will maintain creative printing and extra embellishments that accurate according to the gift’s personality. When dealing with corporate gifts, the brands can use these boxes and maintain the necessary connection with the target market. So we promise you to find exactly what you want and skyrocket your sales as well.

Reasons to Choose Us

If you are looking for quality packaging for an e-liquid boxes bottle, we have exciting design, material and finishing options for you. Years of industry experience, combined with knowledge and skills, has helped The Custom Pack to achieve a distinctive identity in the market. We offer our clients personalized vape packaging solutions at an affordable price range. Custom printing is our expertise, and we take into account all the client needs while processing and printing orders. We ensure that the final product finished according to your expectations. We never compromise on quality; therefore, we use the latest equipment, finest stocks and cutting edge processes to give our clients superb packaging services.

Safely Transport your E-juice Flavor Bottles with Resilient E Liquid Shipping Boxes

Due to the potential effects of heat, moisture, and shock during shipping on the e-liquid and e-juice flavour containers, it is essential for online vape shops to send customers their desired items safely. As a result, you must have shipping boxes made of high-quality materials to prevent product formulation changes during transportation. Additionally, having your brand’s logo and tagline printed on these boxes is likely to increase awareness of your company name among a larger target audience. The best alternative is to use bottle boxes with dividers because they will provide your vape flavour packs the best protection possible. However, professional knowledge is necessary to develop and print premium taste shipping boxes.

Give a New Astonishing Touch to your E Juice Flavor Pack Packaging with The Custom Pack

If you’re getting ready to introduce a new line of vape juice packs, take a moment to consider whether your packaging is special enough to compete. Have you given quality and durability any thought? If not, it’s time to give the packaging boxes for your e-juice packets some thought. Consider a unique design that enhances your company’s image and your products while being robust enough to shield them from heat, moisture, and dust. Printing your brand motto and a catchy product name on the packaging boxes would make potential clients more interested in your products. But it takes specialist knowledge to produce E-liquid cartons with outstanding designs and printing.

Start your own Vape Market

If you are smoking cigarettes and want to quit it then why not try to go to the vape market and use the custom e liquid. Or trying to run your own E Liquid Company and cannot find the packaging boxes for the products? No worries, you can come to The Custom Pack and we will help you fully by showing you the designs for your e liquid packaging, e juice packaging, liquid boxes custom, or if you want e liquid boxes wholesale.

Wholesale Boxes for Vape Juice Packaging boxes

Our E Liquid Boxes Wholesale are the best in town since we offer the best prices to our customers. Don’t have time to talk to us not a problem, you can leave a custom quote request so that we can work on it. We will just need to know the product specifications, its color combinations, custom sizes if more, with the packaging style. Afraid of shipping cost? Not to worry we offer FREE Shipping. We can also create your e liquid packaging in Kraft paper stock.