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French Fry Box

Who can say no to fries? Whether you are a street vendor or have a reasonable food set up, selling fries is a must. With fries come the handy boxes that are easier to carry and efficacious at the same time. We provide you with a french fry box that can absorb extra oil without leaving an apparent stain on it. Additionally, the box won’t even make your hands oily. The box is made with the cardboard that is an excellent oil absorber. The cardboard is also the right kind of thick; neither too thick to feel heavy nor too thin to not be able to hold fries in place.


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French Fry Box – Personalize Your Brand Today

TheCustomPack also offers custom french fry box options that lets you choose the size, color, and design of the boxes. Every restaurant or a food stall makes use of the packaging and wrapping of the food items to advertise themselves. Likewise, our french fry boxes are perfect for the branding of your company.

Our wide range of sizes and the vivid color pallet is sure to meet your needs. We have carefully planned the dimensions for each of the sizes we offer so that the box not only looks good but it feels just the right amount of light in weight as well.

Custom French Fry Boxes Printing and Packaging

The box has an open mouth with an indentation at the front. Many popular brands have it. It adds to the visual appeal of the box. The indentation can be customized; whether you want it or not, you decide.

The quality of our boxes beats all. Using high technology for cutting the cardboard, we deliver the best the market has to offer. These boxes are durable and don’t tear away easily. So get your boxes delivered to you without any delays or hidden charges today and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Personalized french fries packaging

Personalized French Fry Boxes make a unique and creative addition to your foodservice business! Not only are they fun and memorable, but also customizable with your company name, logo or artwork. With French Fries being one of the most popular snacks around the world, use personalized french fry boxes to make a lasting impression on customers while promoting your brand. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, our custom French Fries boxes will keep your fries hot and crispy while providing convenience for takeout orders. Create memorable packaging experiences with their own branded French Fries boxes today.