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Full Flat Double Tray

Who does not love the boxes that are slim and capacious enough to keep certain items at the same time? We have a full flat custom tray in store for you that can be used as a gift box for a variety of items. The boxes are handy and look absolutely chic for every type of occasions. The boxes are rectangular in shape and are made to appeal to the users. These boxes are very frequently used to give souvenirs, jewelry, and other sorts of assorted items. The lid over these boxes is special made with the additional layers of the cardboard for keeping the contents of the box secure.


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Get the Top Rated Full Flat Double Tray

We also offer a custom full flat double tray. When it comes to colors and designs, you might find yourself confused with the wide range of variety that we offer. The quality of these boxes speaks for itself as these boxes are durable and something you can trust your valuable contents with.

We prepare the cardboard we use so you can count on us. Our speedy delivery service delivers every order right on time with no delay at all. Get your bulk orders to deliver on time to you without any hidden charges.

There are ready-made sizes as well as custom sizes available. The color and design can also be chosen. The boxes can also be used for the branding of a company.

Full Flat Double Tray with Logo

Considering the long distances that these boxes have to travel, special care is taken when it comes to the reliability of the cardboard. Any faulty cardboard is immediately discarded.

These boxes are also very economical for shipping. Not only are they one of the most convenient options but adds to the overall visual appeal of the product. Any product in this perfectly symmetrical and captivating box will look even better.