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Gable Bag Auto Bottom

At TheCustomPack, you will find gable bag made up of durable cardboard that does not tear apart on jerking. The bag provides a secure space to keep things and carry them at long distances without having to worry about any faulty ends.
The bottom of the bag is double layered to provide extra protection under duress. The bag is just perfect for transporting various objects. The bags can easily be folded down in a flat shape facilitating their storage.


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Custom Printed Gable Bag Auto Bottom

The auto bottom lets you fold the empty bag or adjust its shape when filled with contents as per your need. Since it is made with resilient cardboard, the risk of tearing the bottom when folded completely rules out.  The auto bottom also comes with a hanger that you can use to display the bag in your stores. This is a plus when it comes to an organized presentation of the items.

We also have Custom Gable bag Auto Bottom. Give us your dimensions and we’ll create the one just for you. Apart from that, find a range of ready-made sizes in a generic style that goes well with every kind of business. Gable bag Auto Bottom is ideal for branding one’s business and can be great for an effective marketing strategy.

Get your company’s logo printed on the bags and use them to give souvenirs to your customers.  Pick from our diverse color pallet and incorporate whatever design you want on the bag.

Gable Bag Auto Bottom with Logo

Shaped in the form of a handbag, these bags are also very convenient to carry. The top flap can be folded to close the mouth of the bag that acts as additional security to the contents contained in it. Whether used as a souvenir bag or for transporting at long distances, our bags never disappoint.

This type of packaging can provide retailers with an edge over their competitors when it comes to sales. Many times the customers are attracted by the visually appealing packaged products. After investing so much in the products, retailers often find themselves disadvantaged when it comes to the visual appeal of the product. Give your products a pre-sales boost by using these captivating bags as their packaging.


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