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Hexagon Two Piece

Hexagon Two Piece boxes are considered as most revolutionary packaging solution in 21st century. They not only provide decent look but a safe way to pack and ship products.  These are considered as of the most beautiful shape for the boxes, The Custom Pack make these hexagon two-piece boxes specially tailored to wrap the jewelry items, the cosmetics and the child accessories like toys and gifts!


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Showcase your latest products in Hexagon Two Piece boxes

In their configuration, special attention is paid and most of the time we create these boxes in gold and silver coil. Sometimes on additional requirements, we can add on different colors too. Some of the hexagon boxes are composed of prime quality, hard structured but still very light in weight cardboard material which assures their functionality! So, in this season, you must try out safe and secure packing before the sale while surprise every on looker with beautiful and excellent packaging containers.

To make these boxes more elegant stylish and decorative, our team will fabricate it with design ingredients like ribbons, colors, and even the logo for the brand. The sparkling colors always add on beauty and make them look out of universe, attracting everyone. So, be unique in packaging, be systematic and leverage your sales with our perfectly crafted custom boxes!