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Punch Insert Boxes

Sometimes, companies plan to add on different small products into same packaging and that’s where the custom punch inserts come into play. The external appearance might look like a simple box but inside, you find different sections devoted for different products that serve in multiple way.


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Firstly, it escapes the two products collision while secondly, they stay apart from one another and protected. The Punch Insert Boxes are easily manufactured from a lot of materials and sources, as they serve as a solid base so your items/ products can rest properly. For a perfect final outcome, it is recommended that manufacturers must prefer cardboard Punch Insert Boxes so the main theme of using these inserts will be completed and a box container will achieve its higher level of safety.

Most of the times, these custom punches insert boxes are an ideal solution to package unusual and unconventional shaped items so they collectively get a rectangular shape. Moreover, it serves a lot of items in one single go.  At The Custom Pack, we have much experience in art work, and assure that you will get packaging inserts according to custom specification, imprinted with the name of logo and ultimately, it rock on!