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Reverse Tuck End

Welcome to The Custom Pack! We are one stop solution to all types of packaging boxes and believe that custom boxes will always improve the way manufacturers and retailers offers products to customers. With years of struggle, we have found that reverse tuck end boxes are the most simple, stylish and highly functional types of packaging boxes that are favorite for retail storage products.


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Surprise your clients with the perfectly looking Reverse Tuck End Boxes

There are a lot of products that one can store in custom boxes like groceries items, cosmetics and technological one while these are safe inside because of highly protected structured. What else is about the material widely been used to Kraft these boxes and nothing stands better that cardboard or Kraft!

At The Custom Pack, these rectangular boxes are delivered flat to the clients doorstep and have some of the easiest put-in-position techniques to arrange while they get the exact structure they are looking for! We also print these boxes for customers satisfaction and assure that your product will rock on the market floor with its intuitive appearance and elegant outlook. So, what are you waiting? Try the newly arrived custom boxes and surprise your clients with a new look of product.