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Self Lock Cake Box

Delivering cakes entails many risks, one getting the cake flipped. TheCustomPack offers a self-locking box that avoids the risk of the box not being properly closed. Four-walled cardboard boxes are specially aligned for better protection.
A cake is a delicate food item and ought to be handled as such. Ordinary boxes can never bear the weight of a cake. The cakes are stored in boxes that are meant for them. The boxes, however, do not need to be hard to open as any jerks while opening it can ruin the cake.


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Get the Best Self Lock Cake Boxes at Your Door Step

With an eye for detail and a taste for aesthetics, our team has made each and every box capable of self-locking mechanism that ensures full protection. The self-lock mechanism makes the box lock without any loose ends. This level of protection is what a cake box needs.  Not compromising on the protection of the cake, the self lock cake boxes will not suffocate their content. They are made with the material that retains the freshness of the cake or any other contents it has.

Be it a party, anniversary, a wedding function, or any other festivity; get custom cake boxes prepared with utmost care and perfection at your earliest. You get the liberty to pick the design and color of the box. Company’s logo, text, or taglines can also be incorporated.

Self Lock Cake Box with Logo

The boxes can also be used for other food items that are generally served at large gatherings. Our boxes also find use in preparing lunch boxes for the kids’ parties, educational seminars, or career affairs.

We understand what a cake means to you and care about it as much as you do. Consistent is quality and speedy in service, we get involved when it comes to the manufacturing of our product. Our efficient delivery service will get you the boxes right on the agreed time. The boxes are made with the finest material through competitive technologies to give you nothing less than the best there is in the market.