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Tuck End Auto Bottom

What are custom printed tuck end auto bottom packaging boxes? Well, nowadays, tuck end custom boxes are some of those boxes which are trending highly in the packaging niches. Undeniably, they are widely used as custom corrugated boxes. These pragmatically devised boxes prove as some of the most handily used boxes for the packaging of the medical and cosmetic goods. Cosmetic and medical supplying industries count highly on the use of custom tuck end boxes as they are quite easy to use and enclose the products very safely. The auto bottom end of the boxes allow the user to gauge a higher level of user safety as it reveals the feature of pre-glued tabs that can cling onto the goods quite feasibly as compared to non-glued boxes. This extra layer of safety allow the products to be shielded against the safety of the goods and hence, it serves as one of the most preferable packaging solutions for miscellaneous range of products.


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Tuck End Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes

The top end is carefully bolted with the flapped end and hence, it is tucked into the interior of the box. This box is extensively used for the restoration of sundry products, especially whilst one uses the corrugated goods. There is a huge assortment of designs and textures deployed for the manufacture of tuck end auto bottom boxes.

Are you looking for the best type of tuck end auto bottom boxes? Tap onto for the widest range of these boxes. We embed a bevy of tantalizing features such as window patching or window cutting, added tabs and flaps to make the box easier to use.

Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes Designing

Our quintessential designers use a kaleidoscopic spectrum of innovative images, texts, logos and other branding features that sets our boxes far part from the boxes devised by our competitors.

We supply our boxes to the far and wide regions of the world and our clients are simply awed by the uncompromised quality of our work. We provide free shipping facility in the countries such as the USA and Canada and our bulk orders are sold very economically. We charge the wholesale process only and provide free design support to engage the attention of our respected clients.