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Two Piece Candle Boxes

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with The Custom Pack’s two piece candle boxes. Designed to enhance your candle packaging experience, these boxes offer convenience and durability without compromising on aesthetics. Whether for gifting or retail, our two piece candle boxes provide a sleek and professional presentation that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality. Experience the difference with The Custom Pack.


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Two Piece candle boxes: Make your candles look better

Are you in search of an effective yet stylish way to package your candles? Look no further. Our two piece candle boxes provide just that solution. They combine style with function perfectly, offering the ideal solution.

Care must be taken when transporting candles. Due to their fragile nature, be certain about the material used to pack them safely. Let The Custom Pack take the stress out of packing with their custom luxury candle boxes made from rigid paperboard that ensure your lights arrive safely.

What Makes Our Two Piece Candle Boxes Unique:

Two Piece Design:

Our two piece design features an eye-catching two piece design, making opening them an experience unto themselves. The elegant look ensures your candles will be displayed with pride and style.

Luxury Candle Boxes:

Our luxury candle boxes can help your candle brand stand out. Customize everything, from color schemes to branding elements, so your packaging reflects how special and individual your candles are.

Custom Candle Boxes: How to Make Them Stand Out

Design is one of the most important components of product packaging. While including legal information, ingredients, and other pertinent details is essential, unique candle box that looks appealing may draw more customers in. So when creating boxes, there are a few factors you should keep in mind: what will their appearance be like and are there any details or considerations they should contain that may impact sales?

  • Think about the overall appearance.
  • All the important information should be displayed clearly and easily for your customers to view, such as the font style or design that makes your candles irresistible to customers.
  • Keep these points in mind when creating a design that makes your candles shine in the store.

Candle wrapping is more than just about keeping it safe. Our two piece candle box has been thoughtfully crafted to showcase the beauty of your candles. Customers appreciate them more fully.

Custom 2-piece boxes:

Our customized 2-piece boxes allow you to design a product just the way you like it. From packaging with simple designs or intricate details all the way down to designing something tailored exactly to your brand and product’s aesthetic. With customizable options like The Custom Pack, your packaging is bound to reflect its own brand’s identity perfectly!

Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging:

Show your dedication to sustainability without compromising style. We offer eco-friendly candle packaging options. The Custom Pack is designed to have as minimal an impact on the planet as possible, making it ideal for customers interested in both style and making good decisions.

Christmas Candle Boxes:

Make this year’s holiday season even more magical with our Christmas candle boxes. Designed to bring joy, these festive boxes give candle gifts an inviting and warm appearance.

Two piece candle boxes offer several advantages. Here are a few:

Secure Encasement: With its two piece design, our candle encasing ensures that our candles won’t become damaged during transport. It leaves our customers satisfied and makes for a positive customer experience overall!

Luxurious Presentation: With their sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic, these boxes make your candles seem even more valuable to customers.

Consistency with Your Brand: Make the candle box reflect your brand colors, image, and words; this helps people remember it more easily while making your candles easy to spot in stores.

Versatile Use: Candle boxes offer an efficient and flexible method of packaging a wide range of candle shapes and sizes, from pillar to jar candles. Their two piece design makes this possible.

Best for Gift:

Custom 2 piece candle boxes make unique presents. Available in various sizes to accommodate candles of various heights. These two piece boxes make an impressionful gift that customers are sure to appreciate. Customers will especially be interested in these exclusive boxes!

Gift boxes with two pieces are an effective way of showing someone you care. Your recipient would appreciate receiving their present in an eye-catching 2 piece candle box; customers tend to prefer these options because they look more appealing.

Candle Boxes Wholesale:

Are you looking for ways to save money without compromising the quality of your packing? Use our options for bulk purchasing candle boxes when ordered in quantity. Our boxes remain both economical and uphold our high standards of excellence.

Finally, our two piece candle boxes revolutionize how candle makers package their products. These boxes provide a flexible and attractive way to show your items, whether you want them to be unique, eco-friendly, or themed for holidays. Take your candles to another level with packaging that speaks volumes about your brand and individuality. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about these unique boxes’ many uses.


  • How are 2-piece candle cases different from other forms of packaging?

    Their unique design with different top and bottom pieces creates a stylish and memorable way to package candles. Plus, this design not only makes unpacking easier.

  • Can I customize the appearance of candelabra boxes to make them fit my brand?

    Absolutely! Our 2-piece candle case allows for complete customization to suit any brand imaginable. Colors can be changed, personalized names added and any other branding elements added for optimal brand alignment.

  • Can various sizes and types of lights fit in these boxes?

    Yes! Their two-piece design makes these containers suitable for accommodating various candle types and sizes, whether pillar candles, jar candles, or any other variety – safely.

  • Why choose eco-friendly packaging for candles?

    Opting for sustainable options when selecting luxury packaging for candles demonstrates our concern for future generations without compromising style or functionality. Our eco-friendly solutions show customers we care while remaining stylish and useful.

  • Can I place a bulk order for two-piece candle cases at a wholesale price?

    Yes! Boxes for candles from us are affordable when bought in bulk quantities. Buying more two-piece boxes allows you to save money while receiving high-quality products with discounted pricing options. Get in touch with us about arranging custom pricing solutions tailored specifically for bulk packaging needs.